Ace Leadership

Your Miracle Is In What You Have Left!

Are you a woman who like me, have no desire to be a public success while feeling like a private failure?

How would you like access to a regular 1:1 with me, a safe space to become your best self physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and financially?

This is for you if you:

  • Have spent your entire life raising a family only to wake up one day to ask, “Is this all there is?”
  • Have been through a divorce, lost everything, feeling worthless and wondering where to start
  • Have spent your entire life in a lifeless relationship, lost your identity and you’re ready to find yourself
  • Have spent your entire life working in a career, frustrated with dealing with the subtleties of the corporate world; you want to walk out but unsure of what next


Only it’s taken me a long time to learn and an even longer time to realize the TRUTH that our miracle is never in what we think we lost – it’s in what we have left!

I can assure you that, whatever you have right now;


It’s time to ACE!

I know as a well educated woman with a successful career that truly rocks your boat, you’re tired of joining groups or courses that only focus on money but didn’t necessarily welcome conversations that nurture and inspire you to become the woman you’re meant to BE.

ACE Leadership Program introduces you to a nine-step process that gives you a more nuanced understanding of the insidious and subtle beliefs so deeply embedded in our society, culture and religion and how they affect your development and effectiveness as a leader and what you can do to address them.

The program takes a multi-faceted approach by exploring all aspects of your personality, which includes: spirituality, psychology, emotional reality, and physicality.

You should be forewarned that uncovering these insidious and subtle beliefs could be uncomfortable, anxiety provoking, and even disorienting.


Step 1: Complete a thorough application.

Step 2: Join an exploratory call– upon approved application. You’ll learn more about the details of the experience and have a chance to ask your questions.

Step 3: Enroll: Once you’ve decided if this is for you, you’ll be sent your on boarding pack.

If that sounds like what you’ve been missing, APPLY NOW and let’s talk.

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