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We know you’re busy-so are we. Our 21st century lives are resting on an overdrive, filled with stress, headaches and deadlines as well as the constant demands placed on women. You must be attractive but intelligent, look professional but trendy, be well educated and hardworking, be fit and healthy as well as being a good wife/mother/girlfriend etc. Faced with these demands and your hectic schedules, It’s no wonder you never seem to have any free time!


From dinner outings, movie nights, golfing, and luxurious travel with fabulous women, we deeply desire to transcend the ordinary and tap into something greater. So, if you are interested in high heels, fancy hairdos, just us gals to get together and laugh about life, enjoy some great food and sip some champagne, because we CAN!

Never miss a chance to show off your fabulousness!

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The Life Atelier


What happens when unlike others you feel as though life has got a million times worse despite your endless praying or fasting?

What happens when your life perspective has changed, you’ve attended so many workshops, read lots of self-help, and personal developments books. You’re no longer the same person you once were a few years ago.

But while others seem to be flourishing in their purpose; you feel overwhelmed and sometimes feel like you’re on the verge of going crazy.

Is it something you did wrong? Is it because of the sins of your parent?

The answer: NO, not at all. There’s nothing wrong with you
You might just be in ‘The Life Atelier’s’ workshop.

And you’re experiencing all these probably because He’s work has simply intensified so much that your mind and body are struggling to handle it.

Want to learn how to honour this experience and find meaning in it? Request to Join ‘The Life Atelier’ Private Whatsapp Group  or  download our flyer to attend one of our live meetings.

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Redefining Living is the podcast for women who have no desire to be a public success while feeling like a private failure.

Every two weeks, I share powerful insights that help the modern woman break free from the bondage of self-doubt, self-sabotage and small thinking. So she can write to the girl she was at ten years old as well as the woman she strives to be at seventy; to remind her of her worth and to make her proud.

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