His Lady

What does it mean to be a Godly Ambitious Woman?

From my various work with women, I feel that the word “Ambition” has been reduced to such a toxic messaging that women in a bid to prove their equality are willing to do ANYTHING at all COST, unknowingly to the detriment of their relationships with their creator, self and world at large.

Do you want to be successful, make money, without paying for that success with your relationships, love life and fun?

In HIS LADY, you’ll learn how to….

  • Recognize your heart’s motivation for life.
  • Step out boldly so that you don’t sabotage your most meaningful goals.
  • Navigate life amidst the noise of societal expectations.
  • Live a rich life and live it to the FULL.


Climbing the corporate ladder can be tough in a tighter market; waiting for it to happen doesn’t help either. With many organisations cutting back and turnover at an all-time low, those people with ambition will probably have to work even harder to get noticed and achieve that long- awaited promotion.

To be successful at navigating the workplace and future challenges, being technically adept in your field will no longer be enough, all aspiring leaders must actively fine-tune critical thinking skills, possess the ability to identify opportunities and the courage to put themselves forward.

The Purpose-Driven Career

Imagine how much more inspired you would be if by going to work you’re not only working to achieve the company’s purpose, but also your own?

Do you believe that following your dreams wouldn’t translate into being able to make a living or support yourself, let alone getting to enjoy anything in life?

Do you believe that you have to find your passion or purpose before you’ll be happy, have joy, and be fulfilled?

What if I told you that these beliefs might be all wrong?

How would you feel if you could easily find happiness, joy, fulfillment and purpose in life and your career no matter the title or company?

You can.

The Next Maverick

“What would You really be doing if money were not an issue?”

Few years ago, I had hit “rock bottom”-the worst part were the loneliness and hopelessness, and it was easy to feel like no one else in the world had ever gone through what I had and managed to live a successful life.
I promised myself that if I ever overcame this phase, I would remember to pass on that hope to others. That day has finally come, and I’m keeping that promise.

Dreams and Thoughts Guided Journal

Do you remember those days when daydreaming was a big part of our routine as breathing and blinking? 

Days when all we needed to become a full-blown superhero was a cape and two outstretched arms. 

Days when we unwittingly fed our little brains big, lofty goals and never, not for a second, doubted we could achieve them. 

Days when we drive Ferrari on a spot until we were summoned inside for dinner. Have you ever wondered why those truly were “the days”?

I will tell you why.

You see, a child’s mind is fertile, limitless, she may outgrow her baby shoes but she never outgrows her dreams. Never, ever. So why, then, do so many of us grow into the adults we are today, but have yet to fulfill our highest goals and aspirations?

That’s what my new guided journal is about – “Dreams and thoughts”