Meet the Founder


We believe that we are spiritual beings that need soulful sustenance, not soulless robots who exist solely to indulge our minds and bodies.



I’m Aji R. Michael and I'm a Spiritual Teacher & Life Stylist.

I’ve had my own fair share of life detour; divorce, loss of material wealth, debt, career and health challenge to name a few. That was my past, and that conversation is for another time.

“Fast forward into my future; in my career, I have worked closely with top management teams, Chief Officers, Clinical Specialists, Voluntary Sectors and Corporate Organisations. Everyone from well-known CEOs and my own colleagues were asking for advice on how to do those things I do. I’ve had the privilege of helping highly successful women across the globe create the rich and fulfilling lives they desire.

I have also authored two Amazon best-selling books; The Next Maverick: Ready To Shape The Future, and The Purpose- Driven Career: 3 Breakthrough Steps To Find Happiness, Joy, and Fulfillment in Your Career No Matter Your Title or Company.”

Today, I see how brilliant, ambitious women are struggling, often suffering from a chronic lack of self-belief, due to no fault of their own.
It seems we have been brought up in an operating system that was not designed for us, the endless climbing of the corporate ladder, choosing between a career or a family, and I can’t help but wonder; “What would happen if all women could become successful in their own terms?

I’ve been on this adventurous journey step by step – to believe in my purpose, to change my own world and the world of those around me.


  • If we’d stop accepting a daily struggle as a norm
  • If we’d start walking away from situations that are abusive or corporate structures that are non-supportive

We are not living in an equal world, but we are the ones who can change it. Nothing external will ever empower us as much as the power we have inside.

I spoke to a lady at one of our Conferences and she burst out crying as she voiced her issues. I wanted to cry. I still do.

I’ve created HIS LADY so that we all can finally stop crying. It’s our time to change our own world, together!

I’m on a mission to Redefining Living for the modern woman– it’s the anchor of my life and can’t wait to tell you more.