Our Story

I believe our lives are a series of never ending adventure of quest after quest.  Sometimes it’s the physical adventure of getting into desired shape, moving to another city, other times, it could be mental adventure of starting a new business or changing careers. 

At other times, it could be an emotional adventure of being married or having kids, and a Spiritual adventure, such as attending a spiritual retreat or going on a pilgrimage.

I believe deep within our hearts, we all seek experiences that will help us grow, expand, and become more of who we are meant to BE – HIS LADY.

But not many of us go on this WILD ADVENTURE and deep inside you, “You just know it’s something you needed to do for YOURSELF.

You’re overwhelmed with “what ifs”.

  • What if it doesn’t turn out good?
  • What will I come back to?
  • How are things going to work out?
  • Will I make money?

That’s precisely the point! You don’t know. Because it’s an ADVENTURE.

The truth is: whether you go on this adventure or not; the DESIRE will never leave you. You will never be able to ignore it, escape it or deny it. It will always be there and even stronger. Why? Because you’re wired for an ADVENTURE.

And the beauty of that adventure is that it changes you, makes you stronger, guides, and leads you to the life, relationships, and experiences that are waiting for you!

Here’s the thing: many people avoid this adventurous journey because it’s a lonely
one. You may be rejected and sometimes those people who reject you are those
closest to you. And what could be more painful than losing a family member, friend
or even partner?

One of my favourite quotes is from my dear friend Toks – the founder of The Baby Cot Shop; she said, “You cannot grow into the person you are meant to be while remaining tethered to your tribe. Growth is a private, solo experience. You have to come out from amongst them to travel on your own lane”

  • What is your heart most longing for?
  • What is the call to adventure you keep ignoring or running away from?

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Aji R. Michael
“I saw how brilliant, ambitious women were struggling, often suffering from a chronic lack of self-belief, due to no fault of their own. It seems we have been brought up in an operating system that was not designed for us, the endless climbing of the corporate ladder, choosing between a career or a family, and I can’t help but wonder; “What would happen if all women could become successful in their own terms?”